Dear Kindred Wellness Clients...

Midwifery is an incredibly personal and intimate type of healthcare, and each baby born and each new client relationship built holds a deep and meaningful space in the history of this practice – which makes the decision to step back from active practice an incredibly difficult one.
Arden has experienced some significant health challenges in the recent months, which at this point means a necessary step back from midwifery for the foreseeable future. Kindred Wellness will be closed until further notice while Arden focuses on their health and takes a break from the physical intensity of midwifery work.

Care will be completed with all currently postpartum clients, but no new clients will be taken into care at this time. If you need a referral for another healthcare provider, you can email

If you previously gave birth with this practice and need a copy of your medical records or have a question, you can email us at or call the number in your client binder and leave a message with your question for Arden.